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ANC Hard Services team, works to protect built assets by executing maintenance works in an efficient manner with planned preventive maintenance. We do comprehensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing maintenance competences that are uniquely design to ensure uninterrupted performance to your assets.

Electrical Work

ANC is dedicated to making the lives of our customers simpler. We fulfill our mission in the best way we know how: By keeping their facilities up and running at optimal levels. An essential aspect of our facilities services is electrical facility maintenance.

The electrical system is one of the most critical components of any building. If it goes down, so  do to the phones, computers and point of sale systems. In short, without electricity, a business would have to cease to operate.

ANC strives to prevent costly interruptions by ensuring they do not occur in the first place. Our team also provides emergency electrical  facility maintenance services, in those instances when unforeseeable issues do arise.

AC Work

It is crucial to ensure that the people you hire for AC repair in Dubai are trained professionals who know the job well and are experienced. If an untrained, so-called handyman fixes your air conditioner, he may not troubleshoot the problem well and may not identify the actual problem. This would mean that not only will your AC not be properly repaired, but you would also be forced to pay twice for the same repair. In some cases, they may also further damage your unit by trying to repair the wrong parts. We at ANC offer fully trained technicians who know all the different companies’ models inside out and can fix all issues related to air conditioning. Our employees undergo thorough training to guarantee they are fully qualified to deal with all kinds of problems pertaining to ACs. Therefore, you can blindly trust us with your expensive ACs as they are in good hands.

Civil Work

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective professional services and solutions guaranteed to exceed expectations and take care of all plumbing and sanitary needs. We install, service, and repair a wide variety of plumbing fixtures for complete projects and kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout any residential area or commercial establishment.

With our company’s extensive experience on all areas of carpentry, ANC is confident to providing with the highest quality professional carpentry services and solutions for your projects from traditional carpentry of wooden flooring & decking to the most modern.

Painting Work

Searching for an apt painting contractor is taxing and gets challenging specially when its your first time. This is why having an expert painter handle the job is the best decision you can make. They must have the experience and tools needed to coat every single wall and ceiling with the best paint finishing. And here comes our role as a seasoned contractor, we provide superior interior finishes for walls, ceilings and trims throughout the UAE. Our mandate is to provide reliable services & maintenance to UAE customers in various markets – be it corporate, educational institutions, industrial, commercial real estate as well as the health sector.

Specialized Services

We partner with specialized service providers which we evaluate and pre-approve based on their solid credentials, expertise and cost-efficiencies. Through this we manage the maintenance of firefighting and prevention systems, vertical transportation such as elevator, cradle, automatic sliding door / gate facilities, Aircraft  lighting, Building Management system and other specialist services.

Before we deploy any specialist service providers onsite, we fully induct them to site-specific rules and processes. They are also subject to our ongoing internal monitoring and audit systems as part of our own QHSE processes.

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